Cell Culture R&D Researcher

Job Description

The researcher will work alongside leading experts in the field to plan and execute all aspects of cell culture development. The candidate will preferably have experience in cell culture techniques, with stem cells media formulations, and know ledge about other methods and techniques used in the field. Experience working with Embryonic Stem Cells is an advantage.


  • Planning and executing experiments in cell biology
  • Developing and optimizing cell culture media processes
  •  Evaluating and adopting lab practices and methods
  • Writing scientific reports and procedures
  • Manage collaborations with subcontractors and consultants


  • M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Life Sciences or a related field
  • Experience in media formulation development for cell cultures
  • Experience working with Embryonic Stem Cells is an advantage
  • Experience in handling adherent and suspension cell cultures
  • Practical knowledge in multiple lab techniques such as:
    - RT-PCR
    - ELISA
    - FACS
    - Immunohistochemistry
    - Fluorescence microscopy
  • Excellent human relations
  • High-level English fluency

The position is as a member of the R&D team, and thus includes intensive hands-on work.
Additionally, as a young start up company, there are ample opportunities for growing with the company.
*Please indicate your salary expectations

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